Erik Laracuente was classically trained in Fine Arts at the University of Florida and has been working in marketing and multimedia in Tampa Bay since 2004. With 17 years of experience as a Marketing Manager and Multimedia Artist, Erik has developed a wide-ranging skill set including photography, videography, graphic design, web development and email marketing. Erik has marketing experience in several industry segments including manufacturing, real estate, financial services and private investigations.


“I worked with Erik Laracuente during a hectic eight-month period in which we merged three disparate companies into LeadingResponse. For the past four months, he led the marketing team as it implemented new branding across the organization, produced high volumes of email blasts to prospective and existing B2B clients across six verticals, and created countless leads; launched our social media presence; updated numerous sales materials including trade show booths, marketing data sheets and informational brochures; and generated case studies, white papers and videos. His work ethic is unreal and his ability to collaborate with internal and external stakeholders is exceptional. Erik is a master of dealing with difficult colleagues and inflated egos. He is also able to diplomatically and effectively interact with senior management. Best of all, he’s got a wicked sense of humor and is fun to work with. You want this guy on your team.”

-W. Bourland

“Erik has personally tackled many ground up marketing campaigns for me and went above and beyond to include personal touches that spoke specifically to the audience we were targeting. Many of our projects were very technical which is where Erik’s mechanical background and creativity made him a perfect partner for me and our marketing needs.”

-B. Karns

“Erik is a hard-working self-starter who invariably understands exactly what a project is all about from the outset, and how to get it done quickly and effectively. It should go without saying that Erik is a remarkable marketing talent, with an eye for not only growing the traditional business, but also seeking out opportunities to expand the business.”

-I. Anchev